7 Awesome Gadgets to Up Your Home’s Cool Factor

There’s no shortage of cool technology available for the home. With the steady stream of Kickstarters and the latest Internet-connected devices, there’s always something new. Some of these gadgets allow you to control more around the house using apps, while others completely automate daily tasks. Still others are good at adding a bit of fun. Here are just a few examples of technology that will be sure to up your home’s cool factor.

1. Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung’s latest refrigerators promise to be the smartest on the market. The new Family Hub is equipped with Wi-Fi, a 21.5-inch LCD panel, and features a host of apps that can provide the family with plenty of entertainment while congregating in the kitchen. But what’s really special about this refrigerator is that it has grocery management apps that let you order groceries online. And, if you’re already at the store and can’t remember if you need more milk, cameras pointed inside the refrigerator let you see what needs replenishing to make shopping a little easier.

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo is a hands-free Bluetooth speaker and much, much more. Powered by Alexa, this device can take your questions and provide you with answers when it comes to a host of topics including weather, traffic, sports and more. And, since it’s an Amazon device, it can easily help you manage your shopping list too. More and more smart home gadgets are also integrating with Echo to provide you with even greater control of devices around your home. For example, our Wi-Fi Smart Plugs give users an intuitive way to control their home with the sound of their voice. Simply say “Alexa, turn on the hallway light” and voilà.

3. Robot Vacuum

Self-propelled, cordless, and multifunctional, this robotic vacuum does it all. Perfect for busy families that may not have the time to keep the house perfectly tidy, this gadget vacuums, mops, and tracks its own performance. While you’re at work, or shuttling the kids to and from school, the Rydis H68 Pro can ensure your floors and carpets remain spotless. Not only can it vacuum, but thanks to its on-board water tank, it can mop too. Using a front-facing camera, it can easily navigate its way through your house and keep track of what needs to be cleaned. After it cleans, it automatically heads back to its base station to charge up before its next cleaning session.

4. Stealth Ultrabook

Serious gamers know the importance of having powerful equipment. Unfortunately, that often means having more power than is typically available in a compact laptop. That’s where the Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook is a little different. Slim and sleek, this laptop is built by gamers for gamers and features an Intel Core i7 processor and a 12.5-inch high-res touchscreen. When it’s time to start gaming, it can be connected via a Thunderbolt 3 port to the desktop-bound Razer Core (sold-separately), featuring a double-wide, full-length PCIe graphics card from your choice of AMD or Nvidia, as well as I/O ports, USB 3.0 ports, and Ethernet, giving you the option of creating a full gaming setup. Now gamers won’t have to compromise.

5. Flyte Levitating Light Bulb

Having a smart home provides a host of benefits, including additional safety, comfort, and peace of mind. But if you’re looking to add technology to your home that will deliver a “wow” factor, consider the Flyte Levitating Light Bulb. Designed in Sweden, this stylish lighting solution features a light bulb that hovers thanks to magnetic levitation. The stationary base is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash or walnut wood finishes for a refined look. It’s a techy accent that’s sure to spark conversations at your next dinner party.

6. Wi-Fi Camera

Wi-Fi Camera is the latest addition to the mydlink Connected Home suite of products. It’s an affordable Wi-Fi security camera that boasts 720p HD clarity, a full 180-degree field of view, and a microSD card slot for local recording. But aside from providing everything you need for home security, it has features to make it a perfect fit for any smart home. For starters, it integrates with other mydlink Connected Home devices (including smart plugs, sirens and sensors). Additionally, the DCS-8200LH works with IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing it to integrate with a number of other apps and devices for a truly automated home.

7. Bruno Smartcan

We already have one cleaning gadget on this list, but we’ve included another handy device for good reason. The Bruno Smartcan is the world’s first smart trash plus vacuum. Bruno makes clean-up easy thanks to its integrated vacuum inlet. Just sweep dirt, dust, or food crumbs next to the inlet, and Bruno takes care of the rest. A companion app will also let you know when its trash day, or when you’re running low on trash bags. It’s a simple gadget that eliminates dustpans and dirty floors.

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